I got murdered. Is there a way to get my stuff back?

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  1. I was in a cave, mining in the wilderness, when while I was going out, some noob that i could not get the Id tag of, placed a bucket of lava in front of me and i died and lost my stuff. The stuff I lost were a diamond pick, 2 iron picks, 3 grilled pork chops, 16 gold ore, 34 iron ore, 67 coal, 2 diamonds, iron sword, iron axe, 2 stacks of torches,and 13 bonemeal. I please hope I can get all of this back, and thank you for whoever bothered to read this or try to help. I please you can help me sort my not very first week or two into EMC.
  2. Unfortunately, we can't give items back to people for this reason for the simple fact that some people would make up stories and claim they lost a bunch of stuff due to this and that. Now, I'm not saying you are personally lying, but it would be impossible for us to sort out the ones that are or aren't. I do sympathize with you however, and actions like this are certainly NOT tolerated.

    Do you remember anything at all about the username of the person that did it?
  3. I saw the first 3 letters, Dar, but I dont think that would help much. I understand why you cant and I am cool with that but..... I was hoping I would get it back. Oh well, Ill just go diamond mining I guess. Thank you for reading,

  4. Wasteland

    This is where you adventure to find resources. You can go anywhere and build anything you like, however your stuff is not safe like it is in Town. Please respect what other players have built. Do not come crying if you leave something in the Wasteland and it gets taken / destroyed, that is what Town is for.

    The Wilderness

    This is just like the Wasteland except that there is no live map. Some people prefer this because you can build secret forts and not be bothered.

    1. Thou Shalt Not Destroy

    Do not break other people’s creations (aka griefing). If you are caught doing so mindlessly or maliciously you will be permanently banned.

    2. Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Do not steal from other people’s chests. If you are caught doing so you will be permanently banned.

    Sorry to say but you take a risk every single time you venture into places outside of Town... It is against the rules to grief other players, but as it says in the description of the Wasteland and The Wilderness, you assume the risks associated with those locations. Most individuals with be respectful but there are many who are not. The best you can do is to ensure you go to far reaching locales, hide your mines better, and avoid other players as much as you feasibly can...

    Sorry you got murdered, but you must READ THE EMPIRE GUIDE!!

    You did not gather the full username information, this is on you. The individual got away with it this time but eventually will be caught, if the offender is persistent..

    The rules 1 and 2 conflict with Wasteland and The Wilderness locales, but this is unprotected territory...
    Native Americans had no "moderator" to consult when the Cowboys came and griefed them during the Wild West Era.... These places are the "Wild West" of the Empire...
  5. Actually, rules 1 and 2 don't technically conflict with the realities of the non-town worlds, though I can see how it would be easy to think that based on the descriptions of those worlds.

    The rules definitely apply to all players in all locations in the Empire. The problem lies in that every location can't be monitored all the time, and on a public server like this one new players who just want to cause trouble can come on at any time... and there's no way for us to monitor everyone all the time either.

    So the reality of the non-town worlds is that they are not safe to build or store stuff in... and occasionally someone might even do something like what happened here. Anyone caught doing these things will be permanently banned, for sure. At the same time we all have to realize that it's impossible to prevent these things from happening at least some of the time because this is a fully public server and the worlds are vast.

    If anything like this ever happens again, try hitting F2 as fast as you can. That takes a screenshot... and it might capture some information about the offending player. Screenshots are one of the best ways that you can provide us with evidence that someone did something wrong.

    Your "wild west" analogy is pretty accurate Twitch. Even if there are laws, they're hard to enforce in the wild lands. This is true in any reality, virtual or physical.

    ...and that's why we must unfortunately declare those locations unsafe.
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  6. Thank you for clarifying my intended message Liz. I was thinking it but could not clearly and completely explain it on my own.

    However, yes taking screen shots or screen grabs is the best way to provide evidence of an individual breaking ANY rule. This falls on the accuser to provide, as such, the tiresome saying applies: "No pics, no clicks"... Meaning no proof, no belief. Sorry.

    Keep your head up, eyes open and stay alive... It is dangerous outside of town... The ruffians hide in wait for an innocent victim while out in the lands that house no law man... :cool:
  7. you mean pics or it didn't happen? ya that is how one must prove their claims here.
  8. Right, right. Sorry. Was thinking about mods, not the correct one.. :) I went for the rhyming instead. haha.

    More or less, we here do not value blind faith over solid evidence. Words alone do not constitute a proper claim. You must provide physical evidence.
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  9. Uhhhhh I just asked about it. No need to make references to stuff I haven't had time to read. If u read m 3rd post I was okish with the fact. I just asked and people start mentioning rules and indians. Guess you guys like the rules a lot.
  10. I like cowboys better... :D It was a fully thought out analogy. That is all. :cool: We just want to be sure that anyone else who encounters this problem understands what the proper procedure is. ;)
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  11. without rules we are savage,primitive,and unorganized. so yes we value the simple rules. all we are doing is just making the procedure known that is all.Have a nice day and thank you for choosing Empire minecraft for all your minecraft needs and addictions!
  12. what he referenced is what you are suppose to read before you join but you haven't had time to read it yet?

    so how did you join the server?????

  13. I just made the account when I did so I could ask this. Then I got sidetracked when I finnaly got a spot on the server. And I know this may not belong here but I think you should just have like more slots instead of more servers. Oh and thanks to all who tried to help by posting on this!
  14. Adding more servers is what is going to allow us to have more slots. Right now on the current server, we're keeping track of 1500 residences. Adding anymore residences or slots on this server would cause major lag issues. The solution to this is to re-create what we did here but on a new server. Also, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to connect the servers in a few unique ways. ;)
  15. This^
    Also the guide is our holy book. The guide is the one truth and nothing but the truth, the absolute word of the emperor (our son of light "Ramses" if you may) and also what connects every single one of us as members of the empire.
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  16. LOLOLOLOL God helps those who help themselves. If you help yourself to some photos i guess God will help you ban that guy??? XD 8)
  17. True. But what if I didn't get screenshots. :(
  18. then you are paddling up a creek without a paddle!