I got me some turkey loving!

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  1. I was minding my business in an underground cavern when a burning chicken ran up at me. I then noticed it had a Yellow name of “Super Turkey” labeled to it. I then lured it into a small pond with no way to escape and went all Rambo on it till it died. It dropped a diamond, 2 cooked chicken and a cooked turkey. I saw 2 more spawn in so I killed them too, but after I killed the third turkey, it dropped a Turkey Slicer Sword which I will add to my ever growing collection of rare or special items in my vaults. Sweetness!!! :D Happy Thanks Giving Everyone in EMC! Booyakasha!
    2014-11-26_17.42.35.png 2014-11-27_07.08.31.png 2014-11-27_07.08.40.png 2014-11-27_07.08.34.png
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  2. I'm jealous
  3. ikr! I wasn't here for the turkey slicers :(
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  4. What do you mean, It's happening right now for 1 week in celebration of Thanksgiving. You can find Super Turkeys everywhere in the Wasteland and Frontier with a chance of them dropping a Turkey Slicer when you kill them. :) I raise my level from 5 to 7 or 8 to get a better chance of them dropping it.
  5. I would be interested in buying one of those Cooked Turkeys.
  6. Why? What do they do?
  7. I have a museum and need some but. I found some so I'm good.