I got lost in wildy

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  1. I can't find my way because i don't have a compass or anything, im using the clouds and i am in huge danger because i don't have any armor and possibly running low on food.
  2. What server are you on?
  3. smp9 i think? i cant talk or use the chat controls
  4. now im taking refuge in a small floating sand cave with nothing but a torch and a furnace.
  5. Go to the sever tab at the top of this screen. Click on the live map tab. Then click the wilderness tab on the right. I do see you on the map.
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  6. You can use the livmap to find your way back to spawn. It is located here.
    Just click the corresponding "Live Map" button to the server you require, and track your way back using that. :)
  7. i can't see myself on the live map :c
  8. excuse my ignorance since i just joined today
  9. Did you disconnect? It's okay, we all started new at some point.
  10. ... i disconnected and joined back again.
  11. I'll come to you. Stay there.
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  12. This is what makes EMC the best! :D
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  13. i died while mining there by a creeper...
  14. I recommend that for about the first few weeks to stay in the town and get to know some people, make friends and then ask them if they want to go on an adventure with you. The more the safer it will be. I also would recommend you stock pile food like wheat, melons, and wood. When you go out I recommend you down Rei's MiniMap Click Here. Now once you have it installed go to the /wild spawn and Hit M. Then click on Way Points. Click on Add and put this in as the spawn. It will save you the hassle of getting lost and will give you the distance. If I helped a like is appreciated.
  15. What does the spawn on the mini map look like??? i'm lost somewhere in the southern outpost regio of smp 9
  16. Add waypoints hit M and go to waypoints the Cords of the Spawn on smp9 Are: X= -50, Y= 72, Z= -681
  17. my computer rejects the mini map mod and the cordnets are greatly appreciated