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  1. So i logged off last night with around 1000r, and when i got back on i had 1.5r and a shop full of cobblestone. I had the buying price higher than the selling, for i needed it to build, and someone TOTALLY abused it. I calculated and the person mustve done !500+! transactions at my store to steal 1kr. This concurs with the theft of 2 LARGE CHESTS of cobblestone from ImBobertRobert's house in the wilderness (i think it was in the wildy, ask bob). I am so suprised that the community i once thought the best server on minecraft could resort to something so low. I started 2 days ago and ive already lost everything. Thanks, guys.
    Of course, if the server has logs enabled, you could easily find out who did it. Just sayin.
  2. Sorry that is a limitation of shops that buy, they don't have a limit (well the limit is your rupees account). Perhaps I could look into some sort of "max" amount or something like that (I think filling the chest but leave just enough space for what you would want to buy from others would work). Of course I could tell who sold you all the cobble stone, but it is not stealing the store was set to buy back cobble and someone sold cobble to it. In fact it could have been 100 players selling a little bit each.

    What I would recommend went you need something like cobblestone is just buy from others shops :) Sorry and hope this helps.
  3. I had the same thing happen to me, i'm pumpkined out now :/. But yea, theres nothing anyone can do as I found, it your own fault and the person was just using the store like anyone would :)
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  4. maybe sth that will help for the future (i actually dont know if it really works
    fill your buying-chest with other stuff. like that you can create sort of a maximum amount of things you can buy (number of empty slots in the chest = number of stacks your customers are able to sell to you)
    i guess if somebody sells things to you it goes directly into the buying-chest, right?..... but when this chest is full the person is no longer able to sell more things to you and you will not lose more money

    i hope you understand what i meant, pls ask if u dont

    justin...could u maybe check if this is really working?

  5. A problem you have there...
    Here are a few solutions:

    Solution No1

    Line 1 of Sign: [Blank]
    Line 2 of Sign: [Quantity]
    Line 3 of Sign: :S [Price]
    Line 4 of Sign: [Item]

    In that manner, you cannot have your items purchased. If the chest fills up, it is full. End of story.
    Solution No2

    Turn all your Cobblestone in to Stone Bricks, then Stone Brick Stairs and transform it in to Mossy Stone Brick/Cracked Stone Brick
    People will spend at least 3x as much on that as they would on cobble.
    Solution No3
    Don't make your Buying price lower than your Selling price.
  6. Why would you buy items back for more money than you sold them for?
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  7. Good suggestion :)

    Edit: I added a sentence at the very end of http://empireminecraft.com/guide/rupees
  8. yes u are right but why would u sell lapislazuli (as example) when u need it so much....i mean u should then just open a shop and ONLY BUY stuff from other people

    for example:
    u put up a sign like this 64
    S: 200
    lapis block
  9. this is how a buy only sign would look

    "name" (left blank)
    lapis block
  10. honestly when i was talking to you i was thinking that it was you. i overreacted, but i didnt care nearlly as much of what happened to me. what happened to you is just a crime. that just means that they dont really care about others i guess :\
  11. no one stole anything from you it's not their fault you didn't take the time to think about YOUR actions YOU made a mistake YOU sold something for cheaper than YOU buy

    a lot of people give out free things on this server for no reason why ban someone for thinking you were generous?
  12. Um... you could also open up a shop set up to actually make money... :rolleyes:
    That's how most other people do it. Go put in some effort to carve out a cavern of cobble/sand/netherrack or harvest a boatload of wood or make weapons or tools... anything like that. Then sell the stuff, and don't buy it back for more money = you will 'make more cash' and the server will be fun again! ;)
    Remember that if you leave an open loophole it will probably get exploited, regardless of the general 'goodness' of our empire community - that's just the way things go sometimes.
  13. I'm sorry to say that while I feel for your mistake, it has to be chalked up to as that, a mistake. The person who did what they did (nice or not) didn't do anything that you didn't give them access to do with your actions first. It's similar to those who give someone to access their containers on their residences, only to have that person take stuff they didn't want them to take. While, yes this was not a nice thing to do. The original person was the one who allowed it to happen.

    I'm not saying this to crush you or anything, but to use it as a learning tool. We all make mistakes. The best thing we can do is learn from them and move on.
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  14. dont quit. honestly i have only had a small bit happen to me in the empire, but dont leave. you still get 100 rupees a day just by signing in, and i will have a few jobs available. just dont leave, please. i can even give you, say, 500 a day for a while, but i must say, REMOVE the sell sign, and make a different chest and stuff. and dont sell cheaper thank you buy. i will need a lot of help with my new project, its a 17x17x17 cube in the ground, but will have the walls covered with stone and ore to make it a 16x16x16 cube. you can help!
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