I got killed by Peinlol and he Stole my Items!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Natfan, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. Ask Math, he was there! Also, Pein won't give me my stuff back!

    He has: 1 Iron Pick, 1 Wooden Pick, 1 Iron Spade, 2 Iron Swords, Stacks and Stacks of Dirt and 28, or more, Torches. Those were mine, and he won't give them back.

    He killed me in a cave with lava.

    I wish to get my stuff back,
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  2. 1. of all I was mining with you together and even gave you melons .Why would I give you stuff to destroy it with lava afterwards?
    2. math wasn't even there ,his response was "don't worry he killed a RL mate from too ,I'll assist you " Funny sutff you're making up there .
    3. You actually ran into lava .
  3. No, You place lava under me, Took it away again, I ran, and died. Then you took my items. THEN when I come back, you do it again. Also Mods, are you going to believe a man who has almost no Grammar?
  4. No .
    You ran into lava ,your stuff got destroyed ,you died .
    But I'm obviously lying because of my poor grammar .:3
  5. Also, he calls me 'Natty'. He obviously can't read.
  6. Your Grammar is STILL bad, as a comma goes just after the word, the comes a space.
  7. Ah. So you a racist now are you? Let me tell you something! The Nazis almost wiped out the Jews, (Technically my Religion, although I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster!) and the rest of the world! So DON'T make jokes like that EVER again!
  8. Of course I'm racist for calling someone a Grammar Nazi .I mean Nazis are almost the same right ?It's not like you pull out stuff totally out of context.

    You're truly an intelligent individual .

    I lied.
    You seem utterly moronic .
  9. Quote from the Empire Commandments:

    And you here you are, breaching the rules.
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  10. Just pointing out the obvious ,natty ^_^.
  11. It makes me wonder why your complaining about loosing dirt?
  12. do i need to get a senior member of staff to sort this out ? or will you grow up
  13. Trust no one, Venture alone in the wilderness, Else expect to get killed.
    The Mod's cant and wont do anything about your lost items.

    Make more.
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  14. Qwertyip I've got to put that in my signature :p if you don't mind of course.
  15. Haha, Sure ;)
  16. i got it once to i just came back and i had 35 diamonds,... (and lots more)
  17. I am locking this thread. The proper way to report someone is by private messaging a moderator. I will look into flint and steel usage and fire deaths around this time (we have logs on it).
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