I got bored so.....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Glasi13, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Well hello there folks, some of you know me, most don't.
    I have played emc for a few months now and have been primarily a lazy towny, buying items with my supporter rupee pocketmoney, rather than go and retrieve them from the wild.
    This has made me lazy and i have become bored of the same old stuff.

    After reading the exploits of ninjaboy, i have decided that its time for me to venture into and live in the wilderness on smp1.
    The reason im writing this, is im looking to see if anyone wants to join me as i hate exploring alone. Also, is there a wilderness community on smp1? if so, please start a conversation with me, as i may (if premitted) come and join you.

    I hope to hear back from a few interested parties....... I wont be leaving town for a couple of days as i have a res project currently on contract and i want to see the finished result before i depart.

    Regards Glasi 13