I Got Banned!!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by joshy25, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. This is a convo about me getting banned yesterday

    1. Hay justin i just got banned from the empire for suposedely making adds of my server when i don't even have 1 and the only 1 i play on right now is smp4. Can u plz unban me or put me on a probation or something like tht because i realy want to play on the Empire.

      Thx in advance, joshy25

    2. jvon711Member

      yeh josh wasn't saying anything about another server when he got banned. I was on and playing with him, fluffyhair and Ell178

    3. joshy25Member

      so was eevee2202

    4. fluffyhairMember

      Yes Joshy25 wasn't talking about a server he was talking about his website.

      Is that against the rules of advertisment. If so i believe he shouldn't get banned merely have a seccond chance or a trial of some sorts?

      Whatever the rule/consequence I don't think he should be banned neither do many people. He is a frequent Empire Minecraft User who is very friendly has a great shop and is very helpful. He is one of the many role models we should look up to but while he is banned from the server no-body will know of his exsistance.

      Hope you read this administrator have a good day. =D

  2. Please appeal bans with private message to the staff, do not make a topic about it!
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  3. kk srry

    Can u help me then? or do u know someone tht can?
  4. No one can help you its upto you to word it correctly.
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