i got banned for nothing

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by drifter898, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. I dunno why i got banned. I was just trading some guy diamonds.
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  2. Hey man, if you do not know why you got banned, please start a private convo with the staff member that banned you. This is also the way you can appeal the ban too :)
  3. Well that royally sucks. If mr2's suggestion works and there is a reason, tenge. I hope you remember doing it. Otherwise the ban will be that much harder to appeal.
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  4. Anyway, I have confirmed your reason for your ban: Spam, Language, and verbally attacking another user.

    I doubt very much that you cannot remember this! I also believe as hard as you may try to appeal, the staff will not lift your ban.

    All this is clearly stated in the guide as well as the tutorial in the beginning of your time in the Empire. You should have known better is all I have got to say.
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  5. no i remember why i got banned but i was just telling the guy the ammount of rupees he was gonna give me for the diamonds
  6. and i dont remember verbally attacking the guy or spamming or my language being bad
  7. Drifter898 I am not a mod but I witnessed all this go down.... I suggest PM the mod that banned you and ask for the 2nd chance... also when you get that chance - do a /tutorial again - print out the /rules and follow them.

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  8. Banned for exactly what was said above. I still have te screenshots
  9. Also, u may only a 24hr ban if i remember right
  10. yeh u guys are right i have to be grateful that im not banned forever thnx guys and sorry for this topic :)
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