i got a problem :)

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  1. in the new 1.3 ,
    if you start a new sp map you host a server but how do you join that server with your friends?
    anyone got any idea?
  2. Please be a little more specific.
    So you are trying to host a server for you and your friends?
    What are you using for the server? (Minecraft_server.exe or Bukkit)
    Are you trying to import the single player map to the server?
    Have you forwarded the port for the server yet?
  3. it's in the new update 12w19a
    and if you open a single player it becomes a server
    but how do i know what ip it is?
  4. I think he means about the new snapshot. In there you can automaticly host a server, you don't need to use minecraft_server! :D
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  5. Ok the ip address will be the ip address of your computer. This website will tell you your IP address.
  6. and the :25*** or something?
  7. Yeah, the ip will be followed by :25565 I believe. If people that aren't on your local network cannot connect, you may have to forward the port.
  8. and if people on my local can't connect?
  9. or a normal server is good for me to ;)
  10. If they can't connect, you will have to forward the port. There are some programs that can do it but the easiest way I found was to connect your computer directly to your wireless router and type in the WiFi ip on the url. You can find your WiFi ip by clicking "Start" then "Run" and type "cmd". When cmd opens, type "ipconfig". This should list your computer and WiFi IP. The WiFi Ip should be similar to or something like that. For this example, the WiFi IP address is since the last 2 numbers are assigned to your computer by the router. So in the URL, type in your WiFi IP. This should open up your WiFi settings. Find the section that says "Port forward" or "Gaming and Applications". Type in your computers WiFi assigned IP address (eg. 101) not the main IP. Type "25565" in the port selection field.

    This might not make any sense though.
  11. this is what i get in settings :
    Backup and Restore

    Date and Time

    Device Setup


    Email Notification

    Event Log

    External Storage




    Media Services

    Network Services

    Power Management



    Remote Access



    Torrent Download

  12. Just click on all of them until you find which one port forwarding is under. I would try security first.