I got a article in MCQ!

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  1. I am extremely happy now cause i got my story of an adventure put into MineCraft Quarterly! The magazine EMC teamed up with!

    Here's proof:
    Firefox is sad trombone.png
  2. OH NICE
  3. thanks!
  4. NP
  5. Arrgg I am the worst writer evar I am afraid to write an article... I also have nooo idea what to write it on :\
  6. I would censor that content somehow, your releasing part of the magazine before it launches!
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  7. LOL
  8. :confused: ur right
  9. xD
  10. There we go! :D
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  11. ??!!?!?
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  12. It's probably nothing.
  13. Oh are you happy that he got in the issue? OMG Crazy... you blurred out the words! I must make another meme!!!
  14. that awesome moment when someone uses a good meme the right way
  15. No. It is only awesome because of Zoidberg.

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  16. Thanks.
  17. Forgot to mention: If i can adventure more and send them more good stories, i may even get a perm column in it! I feel so happy!
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  18. Congrats! That's awesome! :)
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