I got $20 Steam cash in my pocket!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Champ4now, May 21, 2013.

  1. Before I say anything let it be known that this is my first thread creation.
    Today I got a $20 steam wallet cash card from Gamestop and I'm not sure what to exactly spend it on.

    My steam link is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/cjchamp4now/ if anyone wants to become friends plus I am also looking for that steam card beta card thing beta keys or coupons for Garry's mod (75% off).

    However, I think I shoud also get another game (within price range) such as Don't starve or Garry's mod (I want something that wont require another purchase with a major update) so.... any reccomendations???
    Current remaining balance 19.01 / Games gotten: premium TF2
  2. I checked some prices and saw that Garry's Mod is $10 and Don't starve is $15 so should I get TF2 + Garry' mod +other cheap game or TF2 + Don't starve?
  3. You should buy some robo keys to upgrade, and give one to me. :D
  4. I was hopeing that you would respond and I was thinking a backpack expansion beacause I heard they were on sale
  5. Well I think you should support the Empire and buy yourself diamond membership.
  6. I'm gonna pop some tags, man I got 20 dollars in my pocket... Sorry, I just had to... :p
  7. well 2 1/2 things 1. I already spent my money on the steam cash and 2. what is with this being 2 and a 1/2 things?
  8. Get 2 gold supporter memberships. It is technically 2 things :D
  9. 1/2 ? plus I have this wierd thing with "donating"
  10. I looked through some prices and saw that Garry's Mod $10 Don't starve $15 Guns of Icarus Online is for sale at $10 and backpack expansions in TF2 are 80% off at only $1 any reccomendations for these or others?
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  12. I don't think you made that stand out enough try again (jk)

    Better? ;D
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  14. Give it to me.
  15. I suppose so I just wish it was cheaper and had multiplayer

  16. You should go thrift shopping.
  17. In the steam thrift shop? lol
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  18. 3 things
    1. http://steamcommunity.com/id/cjchamp4now/ is my new url for my steam page If anyone wants to become friends
    2. for some reason trading hasnt worked since I got premium TF2 any solutions? (I can't send requests and no one can send them to me)
    3. does anyone have a 75% off coupon for Garry's mod or know when It will beon sale again? or if anyone knows if Don't Starve will be for sale soon? (by at least 50% off to fit within my self made steam budget)
  19. I'm gonna pop som tags. Only got $20 of steam cash in my pocket…
  20. TF2 is free. You should get it, a lot of people play it. It has a lot of cool stuff in the shop. You should check it out.

    (Get Portal 2)