i got 100% robbed

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  1. I know it's my fault
    i gave perms
    but how do I continue?
    i got left with seeds and saplings now i need to go sleep, il'l be back in the morining (here it's midnight)
  2. To the wild!
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  3. hate the wild. i'm making a new res on 10121
  4. Yeah at smp2 most people talk to each other and are friendly so nothing goes wrong before I give people permanent perms I watch them as in look for anything they do bad and I ask around the people I know asking do you know anything bad about this player... but I don't hire people to build on my Res unless I know them or have helped them too (we know each other) but at this point in time I 100% trust all the people who have perms on my Res (I shouldn't 100% trust them but I do :p) but yeah its best to know them or just take there perms off when you leave the server (/res default)
  5. How to report him? and about the chat- same goes to smp5.
    I'm now reviving from his robbing with my new res (10121).
  6. well I hope you build a more epic Res this time ;)
  7. think hwo did you start just do that
  8. If u got robbed, move to smp8. I could hire u so you can earn some rupees if u need some. I can also arrange a house for you to use. :)
  9. Its kind of hard to hate the wild and play Minecraft.....
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  10. I honestly don't think you can report him since giving perms is at own risk. But mini4000 is under 13years old, he told me that once. Maybe you can use that against him. :)
  11. Naa, I may be wrong about that it was mini, cause I now see that I can't destroy chests with build flag.
    Besides, I'm 13, so it's not fair.
    I do know it's my own fault, but I'm recovering quite well...
    I maybe needed to restart...
    And also, I got before some hours a great idea, perking my donors! It's just great, they get a discounted shop with a free enchantment table for donors only, and I'm asking my donors for new ideas for perks!
    If you to use the idea, it's OK, just don't use the shop idea please.
  12. The best thing you can do if you MUST share perms with others, is only have them on when you are present and when you leave for the day, type: /res default.
  13. I always do that. But my friend (alden4343) in real life, we are best buddies! So he trusts me!

    On smp6 go to alden's residence! (sorry don't remember the residence number, just type /v alden4343

    We have build a very huge house!!

    People who helped:

    iCurtis23 (OBVIOUSLY)
  14. I do often /Res defualt. I would like to do it now, but I can't go on my computer, I am on my android phone...