I go back to school tomorrow.

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  1. I begin year 8 tomorrow. Year 7s came in today and I already know they're going to be pests. Yes, I was one last year, but I can't stand little kids who think they know everything when really they can't even use puncuation.

    So yeah, back to going to bed at 10 o'clock and waking up at 6 o'clock and then getting the bus at 8'o clock. I have new teachers this year and i'm in different sets for everything. I'll be seperated from the 2 comedians of my class (one is the son of Tony Snell from the BBC radio ;)) but i'll be in lessons with my best friend for sure.
  2. I smell... Smart.
  3. I smell, bored.
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  4. Smart smells nice.
    The good news is my voice is deeper and i'm taller than all the girls now! :D
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  5. Bored doesn't smell to good :(
  6. It sorta smells like Beef.
  7. Out-of date, watery beef with dog poo on it?
  8. No, just normal beef.
  9. I started year 8 today
  10. I start 9 tomorrow.
  11. Overrall school is boring
  12. What?
  13. I can't wait to get into sixth form. I'm only going to attend 3 periods, go to the mall for food or get fish & chips xD
    1 year later:
    I'm done with school! Screw you!

    *Remembers that I want to be a zoologist for a few years when i'm older*
    One day, i'll escape school...(university :p)