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  1. while playing a single player game a week ago, while i was forced to be bored and completely lonely without EMC i found this. it was in site of a village, just chillin. i had never ever seen one before, in all my minecraft days, never once spotted one.

    i was told it has something to do with the eyes of ender, which i have never seen one (without creative mode) of course.. i looked it up on the wiki as well, but i still don't understand where this building comes into play.

    i'm sure someone knows. is that what this is for? or is it something else?

  2. This is a sandstone well added i think in the 1.2 update. It currently has no special uses.
  3. It is still pretty much unknown what it will be used for, but it will definitely be used in one of the upcoming updates.
  4. You mean the 1.3 update? :) That's probably going to come out in a month or more is my estimate anyway.. long wait
  5. No these were added in the 1.2 update. They are in the current version of minecraft.
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  6. Yes but it will probably have an actual use in the 1.3 update is what I thought you meant to say, instead of 1.2.
  7. I found one of these in a desert on SMP6 in an area that was previously black on the live map so I knew it had to be a generated structure. Then I looked it up on the wiki, too.
  8. Yeah its just a well but they said might have “special” abilities in the next few update§