I found Shaunwhite1982 in this!

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  1. that would be lewis of the yogscast :rolleyes:
  2. Thats the Yogscast lol.
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  4. Nope, that's lewis from the yogscast.
  5. *facepalm* :p
  6. star trek skins ftw
  7. While I was in Liverpool, I seen a man with a man, both looked suspiciously like Lewis & Simon from real life...
  8. Im aware thats Lewis from the Yogocast. I was referring to the skin, that it was Shaunwhite!
  9. No, that's lewis' skin. Shaun downloaded it and edited it, and uploaded it to minecraft.net.
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  10. Interestingly enough, Lewis hasn't used the skin in the video for months.
    This is his current skin.
  11. No.
    I asked Shaun about this in December. He didn't know that it was a Yogscast skin, he just made it himself because he wanted to.
  12. Yeah, even if you compare it to Lewis' original skin, they are quite different.
  13. When i did my skin i didn't even know what yogcast was. I just grabbed a generic ST:NG skin and did Riker myself as all the available ones were all terrible. :p