I found Emerald ore!!!!!!!!! I think i'm the first....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by chrisdog943, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I FINALY found Emerald ore!!!!!
  2. Sorry, others have found it first. I haven't but others have within a day of the update.
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  3. Too late ! Somebody found it first :p
  4. Exactly what SMP did you find the emerald?
  5. The first emerald ore was found like.... 20 minutes after update?
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  6. What smp? lol
  7. anyway if you didn't mine the ore go try and get a silk touch pickaxe and then use it on the ore. Reason why is the ore is a lot more valuable then the emerald itself
  8. fffffuuuuu Noone will tell me what server emerald is on. lol
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  9. Get rid of your sig! You dont deserve it xD
  10. Because you're a odd kid :p
  11. every server has emerald on it some people sell it in there shops and if you go far enough in each server your bound to find some
  12. )-: please?
  13. There is emerald ore on every server, you just need to travel to an undiscovered extreme hills biome to find it, and it is rarer then diamond to find. :)
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  14. What he said xD
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  15. ive found so many ores
  16. Honestly i was the first person to find emerald ores. Tea within 20 minutes of the update in Utipia Wilderness.
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  17. Not to rain on your parade (actually, forget that) I sold about a stack of it on sunday or monday...:D
  18. I found one on like the day after EMC updated to 1.3,
  19. I was second one to find it, Sorry.
  20. I found it on SMP5 when it past 50 minutes.... dang
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