I found a Glitch in the Residential Teleporter System that will kick players for "flying."

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  1. I built an AFK Teleporter that produces infinite skydiving. After a few minutes of falling and teleporting repeatedly I was automatically kicked with a message that flying is not supported. I thought maybe it was a one time thing, so I tried to reproduce it. I have been kicked 14 times on 6 different computers.
    It definately think it's a permanent problem. If more testing is needed the teleport is still active on
    Res 14814 in SMP7. Anyone who might know something about this problem, please let me know.

  2. It's been around for a while sadly. Not sure if it can be fixed without the whole (crappy) auto fly kick system being changed.
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  3. Are these even allowed? AFK coasters aren't so how are these? I know Sonicol1 had an afk pool that pushes you around to keep you from being kicked, but I played on it more than AFKing on it.

    There are other things that set this off too, I've walked on sand that lagged falling and was kicked, block glitching does this too. I think it was implemented for legit fly hacking and the system is derp.
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  4. A few times I've seen a post where a mod has said that they saw a player flying and banned them. I've also been kicked while standing on a block that was being pushed by a piston. I wonder whether a system that routinely punishes innocents yet requires human intervention to capture evil doers is even worth having.
  5. That system, even if it isn't perfect, does help catch lots of cheaters. I think a kick now and then, when strange things are happening, is a small price to pay.
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  6. It's definately a feature worth having. If it does catch cheater's I am more than willing to let small problems go.

    AFK skydiving was meant to be a way to keep from getting kicked if your coming back in a few minutes like say from the bathroom. It was also meant to be a cool little method of passing time such as waiting on furnaces.
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  7. hey its not crappy.

    It's one the few things Mojang actually got pretty decent and im going to be looking at making it even more smarter and tighter threshold.
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  8. I got kicked for standing on a fence the other day. It's no-where near perfect. :p
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  9. I was just curious if it was allowed because I remember a while back, I believe it was Margaritte asked about AFK coasters and Justin said they weren't allowed. I've also been shown grinders before and they had a coaster and said "You can come out here all you want, just don't let the Mods know about the afk coaster" or something to that extent.
  10. I think that the system is good and that it does catch a lot of hackers and cheaters. Being kicked every once in a while when something weird is happening is something that we have to deal with if we want the servers to be cheater free.
  11. Afk coasters aren't such a big deal anymore with the kicks disabled unless servers are full, and also with the entity limits in place. It's hard to do a lot of damage being afk these days.
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  12. Yah, one time fluff and I came upon 4 creepers. I got kicked for "Flying is not allowed *whatever*". I asked fluff what happened and he just started dieting laughing. He said I literally went like 20 blocks in the sky from the blast.

    I died. -_-
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  13. where did i say perfect? lol

    fence would be due to bugs in other sections of code that the fly detection relies on.
    Note you would never be banned for this if your not actually hacking.

    There's plenty of times that the logs indicate too much activity to be a false positive and could safely ban without even seeing them in game... but we dont. we still go in game to verify.

    So, a few cheaters have sadly gotten away because of us wanting to be sure to not ban an innocent (but they get put on the watch list... so we know their every move ;))

    The fly kick system is harmless for the few false positives that happen.

    If you get kicked, just login and move on (and stop block glitching if its annoying you :p).

    These kicks do not get logged into square (seperate log for this that I maintain seperately) so you dont have to worry about it tarnishing your reputation

    So really, no harm in this system.

    Though with some ideas I have to make it smarter, it might reduce false positives like this topic mentions
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  14. The first cobble generator I made had a vertical output and I was mining straight down one day to see if I could do it more efficiently than standing to the side. I kept getting kicked and was afraid I was going to get in trouble, but R0bbieJo let me know it was ok.

    Even though you don't get in trouble it's just plain annoying, so no standing on moving blocks for me.
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  15. *dying*
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  16. Dieting laughing sounds pretty awesome. Too bad it doesn't work :( I'd be a toothpick.
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  17. Haha, try throwing stacks of dirt REALLY fast, literally smash the "q", did it once, and the system thought I might be hacking..
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