I finally got it!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Kepoin, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Wooooot!!! I finally enchanted my bow and got Infinity I :D Im so happy.:)
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  2. what are you gonna do with it?
  3. Idk I might sell it. Just glad I can say I got an infinity bow :p
  4. What level did u enchant it at?
  5. 48 was going for a 50 but after like 20 mins I just gave up :p
  6. A thousand likes!!!! Are you gonna sell it?
  7. best ive gotten on a bow so far is power1, punch 2, maybe its because i only dump 5 levels into them lol
  8. If I get a good offer I'll probably sell it :p Whats a good price?
  9. wow i only got a flame I power V from 50 xp.
  10. I don't know that one has ever been sold -- name a price?

    Edit: I found one that had infinity and some other stuff -- I think he said 8K -- which I will gladly pay :D
  11. Im horrible at naming prices xD what are you willing to offer? well go from there
  12. If you would pay 10k its yours :)
  13. Done! Where should I come get it?
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  14. smp7 @ 15121 :p
  15. That screenshot says my name.. XD
  16. I recommend stopping at 40 for enchants. Over 40 starts losing benefits.
    Also, picks are better so you can get much more useful enchants, and sell them if you want money. I sold a silk touch, ubr3, eff4 pick for 24k :p
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  17. bows are more effieciently enchanted at lower levels, the cheapest way(xp wise) to get infinity is to repeatedly enchant a bow at lvl 22(seems random but it isnt) this level has the lowest cost/possiblity value for infinity, on average you wont spend more than 6k xp to get a bow with infinity, it might now have anything other than infinity, but it will have infinity :D