I figured out the Dupe glitch

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Ltastro346, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Hey i figured the dupe glitch out but since no one seems to respond to me.... If you want to know how it is performed (Moderators) then i want a chance to become unbanned ill start from square 1 with no res and no money if that what it takes
  2. you think this is gonna work? you shouldnt have gotton your self banned in the first place. THIS GOES FOR ALL PEOPLE
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  3. i didnt dupe it myself
  4. wonder why your banned?. why dont you tell us what you did then?
  5. sold diamond in excess amounts
  6. soooo....... i would have banned you the second you said that if i could. hmm lets see....

    sold diamond in excess amounts

    and this post says he firgured out how to dupe.

    ............... anything else i should add?
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  7. Look. The staff say you duped, so they have to have VERY hard evidence, which they probably do. You're only proving their point here.
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  8. Trust me, they're ahead of you.
  9. This is pointless.
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