i fell down a pit in the wildernes i dont have anything in my inventory and its the protected spawn

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  1. PLEASE!!!! help me i fell down a hole in minecraft i cant get up and it is in qthe protected spawn area i have nothing in my invenatory and i cant get up!! i cant starv to death or die under water PLEASE HELP ME!!
  2. Just type /home or / town
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  3. Whatever you do, don't try doing /res unstuck in a protected spawn area. It's a death sentence. :p
  4. if u in spawn jsut type /town
  5. May I inquire exactly what happens when you do? ;)
  6. its a darn shame no one reads rules, commands, or even pays attention to a darn thing when they start EMC

    really. i mean come on!
  7. You are teleported to right outside the spawn protection area, and you're very high up in the air. Guess what the result of that is? :p

    To be fair, I read every single page I could come across on this site when I first joined, and I had the exact same question. (Though I asked it in-game instead.) I'm not sure it's ever explicitly stated that "town" commands also work in protected spawn areas. In fact, the "all commands" page explicitly states "these can only be used in Town". If you figured this out on your own, then I'd like to know how, because to best of my knowledge, you can't without asking someone who already knows... or make a guess that protected spawn = town, but that one's not obvious to me.
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  8. I accidently did wild and then was like "oh shoot" */home* cool!
  9. Instant death?
  10. I don't really understand why you seem to go from post to post to post criticizing people over simple stuff that does not affect you. As Alex stated, it is NOT clearly defined in the guide OR the commands that you can use those commands in the safe zone as well. So the next time you want to get all high and mighty and put someone down for a simple question, MAYBE just MAYBE you should research it a little before you jump down their throat. It's demeaning and belittling for you to do that...
  11. That stinks.. I didnt know there were pits in the protected spawn... Use /home or /town if you don't have a res :)