I feel so depressed :(

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  1. i know this isn't a place for this but maybe some EMC friends can cheer me up?
  2. Be happy *big hugs*
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  3. :) thanks kells i haven't played on here for a while mainly because my brother moved in with me but now he is leaving and im gonna miss him :/ i hate being emotional like that lol

  4. randomness makes me feel better
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  5. Siblings come and go and move away all the time (trust me I know) But you always have stuff to take your mind off that and your brother will always be there for you no matter how far away he is from you. Just pick up a hobby or go hang with friends :) Everything will be ok
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  6. I guess it's time to play full time again on EMC :) that's what made me feel way better before.
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  7. You're the best, everybody here is the best but you're the best right now :)
  8. Haha thank you, I just dont want to see my friends upset so i want you to be happy !
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  9. You know what You can host the livestream with me
  10. say what? livestream? where?
  11. :):p