I feel bad.

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  1. Heres the story: I was running around and exploring a continent at night. And while running along a beach, I saw two creepers, just standing together and watching the moon like they were on some sort of date. And like any sane person with armor and a sword, I ran up and disposed of them. Does this make me a bad person for ruining their relationship?
  2. How many blocks high was the fall?
  3. I'm sure he means that he *feels bad, correct this DaJaKoe, it seems like a story of falling from a high height!
  4. That was a typo.
    I meant to say FEEL.
  5. How do I edit the title?
  6. Don't know, don't think you can
  7. Poor creepers. :( you shouldnt have! :mad:
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  8. I believe a mod has to change it.
    Creepers are terrorist. Of course maybe they are terrorist because they get hacked to bits during long moonlit walks on the beach. I believe this is a conundrum or a paradox. :confused:
  9. Well, you did the right thing. You killed them before they can have more creeper babies.
  10. Another thing I just did was find a desert village, but since there was nothing to take or trade, I went to their nearby desert temple and took all the gold.
  11. You are evil.
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  12. Lmfao.

    "I ruined two creepers romantic date by killing them, am I a bad person" *various responses of mostly no* "Also I found an village and took all their gold"

    xD That is so funny, the way you threw that last part in.
  13. Creepers dont feel.
    Do they feel when they blow you sky high?
    Maybe it hurts a bit.
    But the creepers arent guilty.
  14. Trollface feel sad, lol
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  15. I attacked another village and there was only one survivor, because his house was cobble.
  16. He was probably just about to propose too. Shame on you! :p