I don't think we've been introduced :)

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  1. Heyo guys, I'm Thayf13, that's T-ay-f One-Three.

    I'm coming up on my 200th day (not planning for anything until my 1 year), so I'm not all that new.

    I currently live on SMP 9 in possession of four residences, which unfortunately are under deconstruction/starting construction due to 'off several blocks build and can't finish'/unsatisfactory/newness and in-development. :)

    I don't have a shop yet as I'm more concerned with building atm, but I am somewhat known on smp9 as I try to log in for an hour or two a day.

    Most recently, I helped SDOliveira and SwordAndViolin with res 18289 which we have since dubbed our 'official' holiday res. On the 21st of this year we had an early holiday party to give gifts to all our friends and had a 'feast' with SDO and I giving toasts to all the little helpers we had. We only hope more of you can join us at our next party and a suggestion box is set up at 18289 on the right of the spawn point signs.

    As in accordance with my profile, I am 19 years, and female. Even if some of my skins portray me as a boy xD

    I've made a ton of friends in these last 190 days, and I look forward to all the more in the coming future :)
  2. Not sure if I should say welcome to the Empire since you've been here a while, but I like the intro thread :)
  3. I'd probably do a witty (not really) remark of welcome xD but yeah.