I don't think I did this...

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  1. I don't think I ever did something like this!

    Buuuuut Hello there!
    I am HxCami10!
    And I love meeting new people on here!

    So if you see that I am on come and talk to me! :D

    Oh! And tell me a something about you that no one would guess...

    Such as, I am a vegetarian!
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  2. I found you on Facebook once...
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  3. o.o
    Oh Really? How?
  4. I don't remember..
    It was weird...
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  5. Do you just stalk people on Facebook....

    Oh and I found you as well xD
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  6. That is weird... I am to have my facebook hidden so no one can search for me...

    Now I am curious...

    Security Breach!
  7. Give me a minute and I will add you
  8. If you search my ign it comes up with my Twitter, and everything that I am a part of!
  9. Loll I always see you on Utopia soo Yeee , and I has my Facebook hidden too but, if anyone here really wants to add me, you can find me on inuyasha1204's friends list. That's the only hint I'm giving out .
  10. Added on Facebook. Found you 5 minutes ago but my internet is poo
  11. Hmmm thats weird. Oh well I don't care if anyone from here add's me
  12. because facebook is the place to stalk people openly and easily. ^-^ lol no one is safe!
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  13. This is true some members have found my page without knowin my first name . Lol >.> * hides under the covers for safety.
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  14. i know you on the book of faces, i do, ssshh, i wont tell anyone.
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  15. You're not hard to find, Just search Battmeghs
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  16. If anyone can't find me, I will be completely amazed.
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  17. yaaaaay! :D
  18. Now I am going to go creep...maybe add 0.0
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  19. we have one mutual friend
    I wonder who that is? :rolleyes:
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  20. Found you :D
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