i dont know how to take off my mod :(

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  1. guys i have the mod smartmoving and i dont want to get banned but i cant take it off cause i need it for this other sever. what do i do?
  2. I think if when you load up the launcher for minecraft if you click 'options' then 'force update' i think when you log in it will clear the .minecraft , Give it a try :)
  3. What mod are you using for a start? I would recomend for this server seeing as it it spout enabled use the spoutcraft launcher :) That way use the ordinary minecraft launcher for the other server, and use spout craft for this server :)

    Here is the link for spoutcraft: http://dev.bukkit.org/client-mods/spoutcraft/
  4. He wont want to do that though if he has to have the mod for another server. Spoutcraft is the best option.
  5. Well, yes :p But.. I'll be quiet XD
  6. :p I don't mean to shush you up, I am just saying there is a viable alternative :)
  7. mo' creatures also works and it's RRRREEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYYY annoying to be eaten by an alligator and not die.
  8. Ok so first thing you can do is when you start Minecraft go into options and click force update. If this does not take off the mod then go to %appdata% (this only works with windows) and go to your Minecraft directory. Once there, take your important saves and back them up somewhere so that you don't loose them, then delete your entire Minecraft directory. (this will COMPLETELY remove all of Minecraft from you computer except your saved backups). Once you did that rerun Minecraft and login so that Minecraft redownloads the required core files. Once you did that put your saves back in and you should be good to go!

    Hope this helped! :p