I don't belive what i saw!

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  1. When i was on utopia today for like 9 mins ago or 12 when i logged back on 5 mins later i saw the iron golem farm was griefed with lava! We tryed to stop the lava but it did just spread more and more but we finaly stoped it and saved slime town but not the iron golem farm :( but! It's possible to fix it! But i now try to find out who was in slime town and griefed it! ( we need someone to repair the iron farm!

    The picture of thats left to repair! The worst is fixed!
    2012-08-24_22.12.22.png 2012-08-24_22.12.22.png
    Lol about the poison thing! Creepa drinked a potion of Poison! LOL! But really please help by to fix it!
  2. I wish I could U help, but no supporter ):
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  3. Well...Do not worry about that....
  4. I would help but i dont know where on utopia the slime farm is
  5. Slime town... It's east out post and the go north
  6. I believe some of the admins reside in Slime Town, at least that's what I heard. So I'm sure if you told them that they would be able to track who did it. I think.
  7. I'm famous!

    Quite an eventful first trip to slime town, guys! Next time I'll bring more buckets :D

    ..and maybe some gravel.
  8. When I get diamond (probably when I go back to school) i'll be sure to stop by and see the repair work. I've been promised diamond supporter by my mum since I got iron supporter, but then she lost her credit card, deleted that bank account,I lost my iron, she got a new bank account, and i've been waiting since April.
  9. Is there really a mayor for the slime town? Because someone there is saying there is.
  10. No that's just creep the ego maniac
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  11. Griefers r the people who ruin servers u can't avoid greifers on any server
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  12. Yeah, i think i fixed it. Took a buncha signs...
  13. THanks!