I Do Jobs For Diamonds!

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  1. I will do any job* for diamonds!

    To get me to do a job just post on here :)

    There is no set price, it's what we both work out

    *I reserve the right to decline any job
  2. Could You go mining diamonds and bring them all back to me? :p
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  3. LOL
  4. I decline sorry :)
  5. Well there is one task that I have in mind but there's a question you need to answer before I can continue telling you what that task is. Do you know Nordic Design? Or anything Skyrim based?
  6. I have heard of Skyrim :) But never played it
  7. Oh then you can't do the task then :(
  8. :(
  9. Lol, this actually reminded me of when green_mystery banned someone for the reason "don't cyber for diamonds".
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