I died in the protected spawn...?

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  1. Hey, so I went afk the other day and didn't log out of Minecraft and left Empire open in the backround. I was in the wilderness protected area, and I logged in this morning and I died? I had tons of diamond stuff :(
  2. Where were you when you logged in? Someone probably pushed you into the wilderness and killed you.
  3. i was logged in in the middle of the wilderness spawn
  4. I've seen evidence of lightning striking in the Spawn area so that may have been how you met your end.

    Regardless of where you were and how you died, if you sit at the "You Died" screen long enough your stuff will despawn as if you are still there. This happened to me once when I was trying to locate exactly where I was on the Live Map when I died.

    I'd say unless you are absolutely sure you aren't going to die somewhere, log out before you AFK. I'm always making myself little alcoves in caves when I need to respond to chat or check the web for something.
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  5. Ok :p except the "You Died" screen only came up when i logged in.
  6. I just Googled a bit and only see one bug related to what you're describing. You said you didn't log out, but then you say you logged in. What happened in between?
  7. it said "end of stream" because i left it open, then i logged back in and i died.
  8. Server kicked him off. Server will kick a non supporter off if he is inactive for awhile.
  9. that sometimes glitchs the "end of stream" dont know what it is though :/
  10. smp3 about 12 hours ago
    wilderness:-16,56,69 - ttyttytty22 drowned

    This is the information we have for your latest death, does the location info sound about right?
    Not sure how you could drown in protected zone though, it is possible someone pushed you out and into the water beyond the zone.
    If anyone is near a computer and would be kind enough to check those coordinates near the smp3 spawn that would be great. :)
  11. Yeah, Live Map shows water there.
  12. it is OUTSIDE the spawn, bur right outside, and water is there saw
    nfell2009 there and I think he recoverd the items,
    might of been his own items though, not sure
  13. the co-ords were out of spawn area sorry!!
  14. You are losing connection to the server. The packets of information being streamed to your computer from the server is not getting to it. It could be java is screwed up or your computer or router is closing the port used by minecraft.
  15. yeah i died im bad at swimming :D
  16. Thanks for checking, the mystery is at least partly solved. I don't think we will ever know how they were moved to the edge of zone though, likely pushed there by someone who stole their items after they drowned. Unfortunately there is no additional way of identifying who/how/what happened, so it just gets chalked up as another day in the life of a Minecrafter.
  17. Haha, very well done summary of the situation ;)
  18. off topic look at this please someone tricked me into the wild

  19. Good news about people being pushed in 1.3, there is an update which i can't remember what it does, but a side affect of it is that players can't push other players. this should help stop a lot of cases like this in the future :)