I Died Due To a Glitch and Lost Everything?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by odd_kid, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Ive never really had any problems with the sever, but the one time I have I lost very important stuff.

    I was traveling by water to land to go mining, and I went under water and cam back up and my health started to go down. As I was above water. And I died and all my stuff disappeared? I am very upset at this for I worked hard and long to get all the items.
  2. Unfortunately there is no way to tell if you legitimately died due to a glitch, so sorry but you probably won't be getting your stuff back. :/

    EDIT: Well, there is. Ahahha
  3. I checked where he died, the water wasn't that deep so I believed they died by a glitch. The stuff was still there so I grabbed it and returned it. Odd_kid was very grateful.
  4. Great Mod-work Bigdavie!
  5. And Everyone lived Happy-Ever-After :p
  6. I was about to offfer a few free picks, but it seems Big davie has saved the day, well done boss
  7. Im happy everyone wanted to help me out! I went back and I never saw the stuff. Thats weird that you found it. Thanks again! I was so happy.
  8. Were you on 1.3.1 or 1.3.2? I do not know if this is it, but my MC launcher says that in 1.3.2 they fixed random suffication in water. If you are in 1.3.1 update and that should fix that.

  9. I updated, Not sure why.
  10. In 1.3 you randomly get "tped" back sometimes. In this situation you where above water, but the server saw you under the water. I've tried this before, but I logged out and I was under water so that explained why I nearly died :)
  11. Until EMC runs 1.3.2 your client will have no effect on bug fixes in the server, sadly. So if it is in the 1.3.1 code, it will effect you anyway even with 1.3.2
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  12. This stuff happened when I tried bringing some people on an adventure.
  13. On one server that was tf2 based I was a scout and the game kept teleporting me back... was it because of this glitch, or just because Jump Boost isn't fixed?
  14. Dunno.