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  1. Hello. i was recentley baned for grefing with flint in stone when i set my freinds house on fire. he was baned for language and told me to catch the house on fire and show him( on skype) so i did.
  2. This is an improper way to appeal a ban. To do so, start a conversation with the mod who banned you.
  3. im noob and have no ideal how to do that......sorry.
  4. Way 1) Mouse over 'Inbox' at the top right. Then click 'Start a conversation' within the dropdown. Add members tothe conversation, then put your message in and send it.
    Way 2) Find the player you want to send a message to. Click on their name or avatar, then click 'Start a Conversation' in the little pop-up style thing.
  5. how do i find out who baned me
  6. This is a weird way to appeal to a ban?
  7. talk to any mod they will tell you.
  8. Click members, then staff, and choose anyone on that list. Private message them and they will either help you, or direct you to the moderator that banned you.
  9. What they all said.

    Good community...yes you are, yes you are. *Pats on head and throws a treat*
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