I desperately need help!

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  1. So now, all 3 of my accounts are down: creeper3846, creeper3845, and IcecreamCamel. I don't know what to do except for ask you guys and ask on the MC Forums. I honestly don't know what to do now... and I've used about $70 on these accounts. All down the drain. I need em back bad. I have already emailed Mojang about 3845 and 3846, but still no reply. I have tried deleting and getting minecraft redownloaded, not working. I have tried requesting a password reset for 3845 and Camel, nothing. I cannot play now... which makes me really sad. I really need some help!
    EDIT: MC Forums denied my account somehow. It said it sent an email but I got nothing.
  2. That's horrible! But what's really the error you get?
  3. IcecreamCamel's account logs in, but I can only use the demo. creeper3845 won't even log in even though I have the correct username and password, it says: (InvalidCredentialsException: Invalid credentials. Invalid username or password) <---- exactly what it says. creeper3846 was shut down because the email was shut down first. Also, something else stupid, I tried to change my email for IcecreamCamel. I got a reply, and I went to the confirmation. And I answered all the questions. When I clicked submit, it told me the email change was DENIED.
  4. Bump! I really really need help!
  5. In terms of what - the email service provider shut the email down? Did you try changing it like you did for ICCamel? You've migrated them all to Mojang accounts?

    As ALL 3 accounts aren't working, it could be your client side of things - tried logging on from a friends house, or anywhere else you can get your hands on the game? Also tried another computer?
  6. The email had an attempted hack. Hotmail sent an email to my email saying it is going to be shut down because of an attempted hack. Anyways, I have tried changing the email like I tried to do with ICCamel, but it denied again. I have tried using MineChat on my phone and tablet and still couldn't connect
    EDIT: I may be able to try and log on another computer, highly doubt it'll work
  7. That basically fliters it down to either your internet connection, which is very, very unlikely as you can still log in, or a problem with Mojang/the accounts. Keep trying to get a hold of them, especially via Twitter and support tickets as you've previously tried. :)
  8. Logging in from a computer doesn't work. I'll have to make a Twitter account and try to reach them