I DEMAND to talk to the owner, your staff are AWESOME!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by survivor78910, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. i just today paid for gold member ship. i had dia armour and jungle planks and i got kicked because i used caps. i came back on and my stuff was gone, after that i complained to him that i lost my stuff and he banned me for 9999 days. its either unban me and give me my armour and jungle planks back or im going to cancel the membership
  2. This is the wrong way to go about it.
  3. Don't be immature... if your ganna be like this then EMC doesn't need you anyway we need mature people not people like you "demanding" anything.
  4. well u got banned for a while so CANCEL ur membership smarty :D
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  5. Um, don't let the door hit you? I have found our staff to be amazingly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful every time I have needed them. If you are not getting similar results, then I suggest you look to yourself as the cause of your perceived poor treatment.
  6. This is not the proper way to make a complaint about staff members. To make a legitimate complaint about a staff member, start a conversation with GameKribJEREMY. To appeal a ban, contact the moderator who banned you.

    Edit: It looks like you are actually banned for 8234 days.
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  7. just paid 10 dollars for 1 month, i got about an hour. i cant my 10$ back
  8. so what.your fault u got kicked and banned so suck it up and leave
  9. You shouldn't have broken the rules in the first place then.
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  10. Should of read the guide
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  11. I honestly don't know what you expect when you pay for supporter status and then immediately start breaking rules and (probably) verbally abusing staff members. I'd say the loss of the ten dollars is, again, on you.
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  12. Exactly. I hope he didn't think that by becoming gold he got automatic immunity.
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  13. First off, being a supporter and breaking the rules does not mean you will get your money back. Lesson from this; don't break the rules. Also, I am shutting this thread down as it is completely unnecessary and rude. You have been informed by others how to do this the correct way.

    Also needed to edit the title =3
  14. ISMOOCH posted nothing here.
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  15. My advice is to take the next 22 years and read the rules.
  16. I'm posting here so I don't feel left out!
  17. me too. I think 22 year bans are totally more awesome than perma bans.
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