I declare a meme war!

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  1. post your meme's below I wanna see some good ones :)
  2. OK, I love these.

  3. If I was on my pc I would Pwn you ALL.
  4. good luck with that!
  5. But you're not, so we automatically pwn you.

  6. Let the PWNing begin!

  7. ROFL. Green I laughed so hard my mon woke up. And I still own you guys cause I like piggehs. =P
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  9. How are you guys making these memes?
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  10. That looks a lot like Notch... :confused:

  11. I don't think this memes what you think it memes.

  12. Thanks for the nightmares! :)
  13. I saw a campaign ad for obama this was it: