I created a note block song. By hand. It has over 8,800 note blocks in it.

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  1. This took roughly 50 hours to make, over the course of 5 months.

    Note Block Studio or any other programs to assist note block creation were not used.

    I will be making more songs in the same quality as this, but I don't post them here much - Keep track of me on YouTube :D

    Thanks for listening! What do you want to hear next?
  2. Nice, very impressive.
    You said you never used programs to assist in creating the note blocks, but did you use any tools (e.g. WorldEdit) to place a template with grass blocks and the redstone, then replaced, by hand, grass blocks with the necessary blocks needed? I saw that there was a lot of redstone going needlessly to grass blocks.
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  3. I laid out all the blocks in that way for each section/layer of note blocks, and then added the note blocks after. It's quite simple to build a structure such as that without WorldEdit, each 64 bars it takes about 10 minutes to set out the grass and repeaters. You're right about using it as a template for the circuitry.
  4. Wonderful, good job, great song choice. That obviously took a lot of work and it payed off.