I created a complex note block song that exceeds the boundaries of minecraft D:

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  1. Do you see the problem with this?

    Some of the notes go higher than what is intended!

    That's due to a modification called NoteBetter which can include custom instruments on Note Blocks, which I used to my advantage. Now, I can create complex songs with a wider octave range and unlimited instruments.

    I can't link the original song for comparison because of advertising servers but if you google "Native Faith Note Blocks" you should see it :)

    Does it sound good? I hope I made the right decision to bypass vanilla limitations :p
  2. This is actually amazing, modified or not. :) Excellent work my dear person.
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  3. Nice work m8
  4. This sounds fantastic! :)
  5. Sounds amazing!
  6. Not well.
  7. Wow. This is so impressive! I wish I understood this stuff! It would be pretty cool
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  8. That's because it's not video game music.

    I'll see what I can do, since I like Dr. Who. It's not going to be in-game though because it takes a while to import and record it that way.
  9. I am jamming out ATM :cool:
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  10. It's not my best work even when modified.

    This is my best work
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  11. Do you take orders? Meaning that if i pm you a song can you replicate it?
  12. Yes, I do commercial songwriting which includes royalties licence.

    (Hyp**el server wanted me to do a couple of songs that can be heard in their latest arcade games)
  13. Nice work :D
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  14. You did those? 0_0
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