I caught a momentus! :D

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  1. [EDIT]
    When the chunks unloaded, it tp'd out and suffocated. Aikar, plz fix. :(
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  2. I caught a peridot!
  3. That looks cool. Very unfortunate that it glitched out
  4. lol nice :D
  5. Just after the survival update, I captured one and made an enraged zombie farm. ;)

    Unfortunately it broke due to a change in mechanics (thanks Ankara) a long time ago lol
  6. For anyone interested, the name of this room is the "World Domination Room" within our base... Everyone knows that somebody looking to dominate a world needs an army, so we Qwerty--Sorry, Rhythimically :p--got Mr. Army-Generator himself to stay inside.
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  7. That's awesome, shame it died. I guess it was made to die so no one farms enraged zombies. It was a thing, that would be something very fun to make for the public on smp8 to use :D.
  8. Were you the one who made a video of it? If so, may I see it?
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  9. I remember ninjaboy trapping a Momentus not long after the survival update happened and he got like a SC of diamond blocks or something crazy.