I caught a momentus! :D

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  1. [EDIT]
    When the chunks unloaded, it tp'd out and suffocated. Aikar, plz fix. :(
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  2. I caught a peridot!
  3. That looks cool. Very unfortunate that it glitched out
  4. lol nice :D
  5. Just after the survival update, I captured one and made an enraged zombie farm. ;)

    Unfortunately it broke due to a change in mechanics (thanks Ankara) a long time ago lol
  6. For anyone interested, the name of this room is the "World Domination Room" within our base... Everyone knows that somebody looking to dominate a world needs an army, so we Qwerty--Sorry, Rhythimically :p--got Mr. Army-Generator himself to stay inside.
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  7. That's awesome, shame it died. I guess it was made to die so no one farms enraged zombies. It was a thing, that would be something very fun to make for the public on smp8 to use :D.
  8. Were you the one who made a video of it? If so, may I see it?
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  9. I remember ninjaboy trapping a Momentus not long after the survival update happened and he got like a SC of diamond blocks or something crazy.
  10. I did not make a video of it. Sorry. =P
    And I'd rather not let anyone to my wild base. To prevent griefing... Not saying that you would but I have lost too much of it to griefers already and I'd rather not lose anymore. To be honest I'm kind of surprised that it isn't completely gone because of how easy the nether rail is to find.

    The idea behind it was that there was an 80 block deep (to be safe xD) hole, 20x20 on the sides. It had water at the bottom, which pushed enraged zombies that spawned into a single hole a ways away. There were blocks blocking the momentus from moving (his hit box is bigger obviously).

    However, this was back in the day where there was a distance (of about eighty blocks I believe) where you could spawn enraged zombies but you wouldn't get sucked in. I only finished building the farm (which was completely functional by the way) about two weeks before it got changed unfortunately. >.<