I cant use beds!

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  1. Hey guys, I cant use beds! It's so annoying! It only says bed spawn location set! It's so annyoning! Please help!
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  2. It's because you are a supporter.
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  3. Its because you are a supporter, you do not have to sleep in a bed, it just sets your spawn and you move on.
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  4. That's what happens when you click on a bed as a supporter :) It'll just set your spawn
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  5. *like*
    Plus, if you really want to sleep...
    Nah.. You want to be a zombie-- I mean crazy-- I mean awake when the overlords-- I mean admins-- come :p
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  6. why do you think they called him Crazy1080?
  7. No, not at all It's not like I haven't slept till last Decemebr when all the white puffy sheep floated into the sky with the pink fluffy unicorns on rainbows dancing with nigahiga
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  8. wut
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  10. Wait, why can't supporters sleep in beds? Is it one of our perks?
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  11. the perk is that we naturally create our own caffeine. so we don't need sleep.
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  12. just like those gatoraide commercials, but with coffee.....
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  13. There is no need to sleep in beds on EMC. In SMP, all players must be sleeping for the time change to occur. It benefits us that we cannot sleep because we can set our spawn in the daytime.
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  14. and if we couldnt set it in daylight, how would we ever set spawn in utopia wild? XD
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  15. Wat
  16. So THAT is why i can't sleep in beds!!!!!! :eek:
    Lilyrox55 and I have been trying to figure out how to sleep in a bed for AGES xD
  17. i remember when you could... it was so awkward if somebody saw you just sleeping in your bed at night.