I cant start!! :( I dont know why

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  1. I cant start!! :( I dont know why
    If anyone has experiaenced this before and would like to share their knowledge of how to actuall ybegin playing please post on this thread.
    I cant seem to open any chat boxes....
    Is there a chat box that i am supposed to type commands into?
    If so where is it, and How can i get it to work.
  2. first complete the tutorial ;)
  3. If you have completed the tutorial, press t to activate chat box, then type /town as suggested by sign. :)
  4. Ok, where do i complete the tutorial?
  5. Then you get rupees! The adventure begins :)
  6. First off, have you connected a server? You can do this by logging into your minecraft client, then click multiplayer and add an EMC server to your list. I would recommend either connecting to smp8.empireminecraft.com or smp9.empireminecraft.com . You can copy either of these into the Server Address bar.
    When you've connected you will arrive in the tutorial area. Make your way through the tutorial by reading all the signs and finding any other information from the Empire Guide (empire.us/guide). Please take time to familiarize yourself with the rules and how EMC works. When you've completed the tutorial you will be able to use the chat feature, and use the information you've learnt in the tutorial to claim yourself a residence :)

    Hope this helps, and welcome to Empire Minecraft.
  7. Thank you so much, as you could probably tell, im very new to online servers. :)
    Your post helped me alot. Thanks again :)
  8. Always willing to help! Welcome to the wonderful world of servers. Which server did you connect to? SMP8 or SMP9? :)
  9. SMP8 is pretty good, feel free to visit my store to pick up some supplies (/visit 16803). I sell wood(logs), cooked meat and sapling(all sorts).