I can't see!

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  1. Haha, I love that you can wear pumpkins! Problem is I can't see!! Eh, still cool. ^_^


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  2. To be honest, thats one creepy smile.
    But still, cool. :)
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  3. *giggles* I thought the same!
  4. *Sees title*
    *Thinks: Oh no, another newbie thread*
    :p Jk
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  5. What texture pack is that?
  6. Last texture pack I had, it had the pic of the pumpkin blur. I tried to rub it out so I could wear pumpkins and see.
    Didn't work
  7. You can change it so you can see clearly with a pumpkin like normal view, you just have to change the texture for when you wear a pumpkin
  8. What texture pack is that? Like the chat letters, and the food bar.
  9. It is called Darklands.... Sorry I can't post a link to it. BF downloaded and implemented it for me.