I cant play?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by EnderKing0, May 30, 2012.

  1. On all of your servers, when I try to play, it always says "Bad Login" why is it doing that?
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  3. He just joined the empire King....
    Let it slide....
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  4. i guess i can let it slide this time -_- lol jk
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  5. He or She should of looked around before posting this.
  6. Well, now it says "Join Free for Instant Access." Not much of an improvement.
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  7. Just wait a while, it will all be fixed soon! Hopefully.....
  8. im now getting the sorry, you can only be connected to one emc server at a time. anyone else getting this?
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  9. The servers are experiencing some issues at the moment EnderKing0.

    The 'Bad Login' error can usually be fixed by closing minecraft, and reopening it.

    The 'Join Free for Instant Access' is an EMC related problem.
    Everything should be fixed shortly.
  10. Im getting it too grem. But like Maxarias said "Your not being hacked, their having trouble with the kicking and stuff" *She obivously didn't say that but i kinda summed it down.
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  11. Yeah im getting that only can be connected to one emc server too :/
  12. I didn't connect to ANY other servers.
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  13. Must...Play...EMC
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  14. Its okay my homie! Every little thing! Is gonna be alright! :)
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  15. few was getting worried there haha. guess ill be going back to youtube videos some more lol.
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  16. Go Youtube!
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  17. Gonna listen to some death metal whilst I wait XD
  18. How long is "Shortly?"
  19. Sorry, i have just realised what your problem will be. Ignore my last post.
    The problem will be that you signed up to our forum when the 'main server' was down, which contains all the EMC Magic.
    This has resulted you not being written to the whitelist when you registered because of the server being down.

    Please goto 'Members' at the top and search for 'IceCreamCow' and 'Start a Converation' with him.
    Message him explaining that you had registered on the forum at the time the servers had gone down, and you havn't been whitelisted.
    He will will handle the issue.
    Sorry for the trouble.
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  20. So the servers aren't down but we haven't been whitelisted?