i can't get onto the servers?!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Mega_Therion, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. I am new on here and got an account about 5 minutes ago... I have been trying to log onto your servers but it isn't letting me?
  2. sucks for you... xD jk if your new you might have to wait a few minutes then try again
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  3. Thank you
  4. Can I just direct connect to them or do i have to add it?
  5. umm either one ... try adding thou just so you dont have to keep typing it in.. and also make sure you type the server correctly EX: smp9.EmpireMinecraft.com <--- make sure the capitals and everything is the same
  6. you dont need the capitals for it to work, and sometimes it says that there are 59/60 people on, but it still wont let you on:/
  7. really? i have always smp6.empireminecraft.com and its working fine :)
  8. really? mine wouldnt let me on the first time and i changed the capitals and it let me on :3 maybe i just got lucky xD
  9. yeah I use smp2.empireminecraft.com I don't bother with the caps unless my OCD kicks in