I can't get back to town!

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  1. So I went to the wilderness to get some resources, but when I tried to go back home it said I have to be in town to do that, and when I tried to tp to town, it said I have to be in town to do that too! How am I supposed to get back to town, this is just ridiculous! I can't even open my vault to transfer my stuff and play on another server unless I'm in town! Either put a way back to town, or lose some valuable business.
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  2. Here is what you do..
    Click this link to see yourself on the live map: http://empireminecraft.com/servers/
    Get yourself to the protected zone, you'll know when you're there, because it'll say "Now entering protected zone."
    Type /home.

    I hope this helps, if not, feel free to send me a PM of what server you're on, and I'll come lead you back to the protected spawn. ^_^
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  3. You need to be in the Protected Spawn area to use /town. Click on servers, then click on the Live Map button for the server you are on. Click on the Wild icon off to the right and you'll see a map.
  4. Curse you Maxarias. :)
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  5. There is a way back to town. It's called walking/boating/swimming. This is what helps to keep the wilderness as Vanilla as possible. ;) If you read the guide, you would know about this.
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  6. I like to mine on servers other than my town server. The vault cost isn't so bad and is a little bit of a logistical hassle, but I think it's worth it to have the option to be in town whenever I need to.
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  9. I hope my rupees balance is safe.
  10. you could just chest and die i will get the stuff if u tell me cords
  11. when the server isnt down i would be happy to walk you outta that bad place:p
  12. bye then
  13. Not much business, considering you arent a supporter. And read the whole guide, like you were supposed to.
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  14. Now, don't bash on the guy. I genuinely like to help people out, and yes, he said a few silly things, but I believe he was just attempting to attract attention so he could get help. He may be going about it the wrong way, but I believe we've all said some silly things when seeking attention at some point, don't you think?

    Have a text rainbow. ,.:;*'`'*;:.,
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  15. Not really, I'll drop it. But when I was 17 hours new on the Empire, I would never have said a thing like that.
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  16. Neither would I, but when I was 13 I used to play tag in the school parking lot when we were supposed to be acting like adults, or what ever during lunch break at school. I think the silliest thing I've done, was when I was 15 I ran around my mother in circles screaming "CHOCOLATE!" ..I was very excited, because she was going to the store and asked me what I wanted, haha. Anywho, my point is I was immature for a very long time, I'm 21 now, and I feel I'm still not the most mature person. (Mainly because I'd probably still run around someone screaming chocolate if they asked me what I wanted from the store.)
    So, attention seeking.. Is.. Uhm.. Okay, I lost my train of thought because I've just woken up. Bear with me.
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  17. Mhmm. I disagree but alright.
  18. Attention seeking is a common thing, usually depending on lower age groups... Is where I was going. Ah, when I was 12 I sprained my ankle, and a boy, who I thought was nice, assisted me to the office to get an ice pack. The next day, it was still sore, but he kicked it, to get me to yell at him. Now, this is negative attention seeking, and he was probably trying to flirt, but I believe here, it is a good example.
    After a few days of this, my ankle being pretty swollen, and hard to walk on, his mother received a very angry call from mine, which got him grounded for a good while.

    (I'm done with my wall of text now.)
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  19. Dark_liz was a non supporter and never donated and was the richest person for a while.

    Supporters aren't everything, 60% of smp8 is richer than me and I've been supporter for 2 weeks now.
  20. Its all about time and money management. I do it in my everyday life ;).

    Being in ROTC does teach you allot of things :D you should join if it isn't too late. Some colleges offer ROTC programs, if your in high school they also offer JROTC programs.