I Can't Edit My Posts

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  1. I had this problem for a while now. I think I first noticed it was around when 1.7 was updated with EMC. Anyways, I thought, "Oh, it's probably just a small bug and will get fixed in due time." Well, that wasn't the case. Basically to get to the point, as said in the title above, I cannot edit any of my messages. What happens is that when I hit the edit button, where I should be able to type, delete, add words to my post, there is a blank screen instead. I cannot click inside the box for it does nothing. I can of course still use the options above, i.e. Font Size, Bold, Italicized, underline, etc, etc. Although I can't actually doing anything with those options, I can still click on them. I don't know if this is just my computer or I don't know what, but if you have any information that could help, I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you.
  2. I believe it's a firefox issue, click more options and the editing gui there will work for you :)
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  3. Try Google Chrome or IE or Opera or Safari if you have trouble with FF.
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  4. Well, Chrome worked. Thanks for the help.
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  5. No problem.
    I have no personal biases for web browsers. I do like Chrome, but I also dislike Chrome. :)
    It is a blessing and a curse to have it sync on my laptop, cell phone, tablet, and computers I use at the college I attend. (I had to clean up my bookmarks...) :oops:
  6. I had the same problem. I unchecked "Use the rich text editor to create and edit messages" in my Preferences to fix it. I can edit now, but I can't do any formatting like underlining or bold text.
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  7. I had this for about a month myself, didn't care much and I didn't realize when I could edit my posts again... but maybe it has something to do with Google Chrome. I got rid of it around the time it stopped.
    EDIT: Oh I see someone already fixed your problem... don't notice this :p
  8. now if only it used x64 versions of flash too....
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  9. If you want to keep the style and functionality of Firefox I recommend using Waterfox. I have been using it for a while and have not had any of the issues that firefox seems to have.
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  10. Awesome! I am definitely going to give this one a look through.
    Going into the research bookmarks for now. Tired, finally. :)
  11. Will they make an AirFox and an EarthFox next?
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