I cant connect to minecraft

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  1. When I type in my password it says can`t connet to minecraft.net!!! It is so so annoying!!!
  2. This normally happens if you have a faulty/slow connection, which might not be likely seeing as you had Internet to report this error.
  3. There have been a ton of problems concerning logging in to minecraft.net lately. It is widespread, and many have reported this issue, so it is likely not unique to you. If it's anything major (which it probably is) news will likely be out soon.
  4. yes i have turned it on and off again several times
  5. Same thing here, can't connect. So annoying..
  6. Guys, the minecraft.net server is probably down, or something like that. Just go play SP, or go outside (unless you're in Cali, then don't, because it's midnight here.)
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  7. I no I can't connect either.... WEIRD
  8. I love how people actually respond to Shaun's signature. Shaun I think you need to make it some odd color or something xD

    I can't connect either. From what I understand the Login servers are down.
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  9. The same here I'm so angry about this I really want to play mine craft it makes my just want to swear right now but i can't nvm f*** this s***
  10. O.O DUde calm down. Even with the ** that's still cursing and you can still get in trouble for it.
  11. Yes i think the login servers are down. But it is really weird because was on last night anbd it worked but wehn I woke up this morning they were down. The weirest thing is that for some people it is fine the servers arn`t down but for others it is!!
  12. Same. i like wanna TAKE a hissy fit on my MC launcher! :mad:
  13. yeah. i'm a meerkat what ya expect. LoLZIES!! :p
  14. What are you here for then? Don't you have better things to do on the website of that new server? It must have a website if it's so much better than us...
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  15. Does any body no somebody who has gotton on to minecraft multiplayer??? I really want to know coz I want to ask them how???
  16. Jesus has! *dunn dunnn DUNNnnn*
  17. When are people gonna sort this out??!! I want to go on Minecraft!!!!!!
  18. Use the browser, however, I don't think it works for macs. Hence why I am here at 1:30AM.
    And everyone, please stop spamming, trolling, and hijacking this thread. Just because you can't play minecraft now doesn't mean that the rules don't apply.
  19. It does the same to me, this morning it was all fine, then when I got back from class at like 3, everything was all messed up, at first I thought I got hacked so I smashed my hands against my keyboard, I check it every now again to see if it's back up....... hasn't been all night, but i'll check again in the morning well at 9 or 10 since it;s 1 right now.