I Am Zoey.

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  1. My name is Zoey and i am a SERIOUS minecraft girl. You will see me on TONS:pof servers as they are less laggier then my singleplayer:confused:(I know weird).Right i have to admit...Im a noob at the whole EMC empire thing so you might have to teach me:oops:.I will do some bloggs and ill also post when ive created a YouTube channel with my friend.Bye for now.
  2. Welcome to the Empire, Zoey :) I'm sure you will like it here :D
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  3. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  4. Welcome to EMC! It's really easy to get acquainted here; I'm sure you'll have no problem. Be sure to read the wiki at wiki.emc.gs for general EMC info.
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  5. Nice to meet you! EMC actually is really simple once you get the hang of it, especially cause we got so many beautiful people to help out newer players like yourself.

    Anyway, I'm BlackKnight, EMC's resident lunatic. If you ever feel like talking about the most random topics possible that make you question your sanity, feel free to drop by. :p
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  6. Welcome to the Empire Zoey. Enjoy your stay here and have fun. :)
  7. greetings from the us EMC
  8. Welcome to EMC :)
  9. Welcome Zoey... after you talk to BlackKnight stop by my place. I offer free counseling!:eek: