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  1. Hello everyone, as you can no doubt tell, I am known as Baffalo. (Underlined because I can't find the descending angels and chorus buttons)

    A bit of backstory about the name just for a funny story, I was originally known in high school as Buffalo. This was back when Xbox Live was fairly young, and my friends and I signed up for it. Buffalo was already taken so I took Baffalo, which is where the name comes from. However, officially the name is Flying Baffalo for two reasons. The first has to do with something I'm sure no one on here remembers, Halo 2. There was a map pack they released and we were playing a game of zombies. I had been afflicted so I was one of the mindless green horde. Part of the map pack had come with a fix for a glitch in the game letting you fly around using swords and long-range weapons, so we had no way of reaching a special spot on the map where the survivors went to hold out until they wore us down. They were near the edges, picking off anyone coming up the only known way up, and I happened to have my trusty sword. I jumped, got a lock, and flew. After slaying all three of them, the post-game chat was alive with comment, and I heard someone say, "Was that a flying Baffalo?"

    Anyway... I'm rather surprised to find a game like this. I spent some time back during 1.6 over in McOblivion, but there wasn't really much there except "KILL EVERYTHING!" and trying to defend yourself with a small stick and a prayer. So here I am, hoping to build myself a house with some aminals and live like a... well, peasant I guess.
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  2. Halo 2 was a nice game. (I also remember the aforementioned glitch) While I didn't use XBL very often (Was much younger then, my parents wouldn't have allowed it.) I did play the multiplayer system-link with the people around me which was rather fun. When Microsoft announced that they were discontinuing support for Original XBL play, I made the decision to play Halo 2 for the time left, though I did end up staying on XBL seven hours after it was 'shut down' which is no feat, but it is still longer than many.
    The Great Journey is one of my favorite Halo Levels, regardless of it being impossible with the Black Eye Skull. I think the best thing was using Banshees to attack Tartarus, regardless of a banshee having no place in that boss fight. That doesn't defeat the entertainment value. Not at all.

    Oh, and welcome to the Empire! I suppose that may have been a bit overdue, but meh.
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  4. Nice story Baffalo, made me laugh anyway. I remember the original halo, does that make me old?

    Anyway, welcome to the Empire, what server are you planning on living your peasant life on? If it's smp3 say hi and feel free to look me up if you need any help.
  5. I think I'm going to stick to smp4 for now.