I am surrendering myself up.

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  1. Well,
    I have been trying to donate to EMC servers, but paypal it's too dumb to work fine for my debit card (which actually is master card...)
    Anyways, i was just keeping my money and efforts up for when i had time to get a credit card...
    but, i got enough of 60/60 at smp3 all the time[...] i will attempt again to talk with my bank and do the duty, but, isn't there a way to let more players in a server?

    I have been checking out, and since supporters can enter a server at any time they fill a slot, so even if 1 (normal) member leaves the server, the supporter (that was as 61st player) becomes number 60th and again server is full.
    Maybe something that makes the server put the supporters in a separate count from the members?
    You got me?
    F.e.> Supporter connects to smp3, smp3 server detects that server is 55/60 so it won't count supporter as a player using a slot and will hide him from the slot count, that way those remaining 5 slots are for normal players to connect easily.
  2. the point of having a slot limit is to ensure there are not too many players online to bog down the server. if it was made so that there were 60 free players + supporters, then there could be many supporters + 60 people on at a time. The current system just gives supporters a jump on the next free slot, so while there may be 61 or 62 for a while, it will go down when someone logs out and therefore as long as people are logging out it wont rise significantly above 60 players.

    also, keep in mind that the majority of players on an smp server are already free players. I count 8 of 52 supporters on smp6 right now. so i think your plan would just fill up quickly with non-supporters anyway, only now with extras it makes the server slower.
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  3. the problem is, you are saying that there will be unlimited players per server if multiple are supporters.

    because even in your given example, when that 61st person turns to the 60th person, it makes it so only supporters can join after that time, keeping the amount of people at, or close to, 60. If you change to your suggested way, there will be 60 regular members PLUS however many supporters decide to join. This could lead to lag spikes, over utilized chat and other things.


    gah... >.> apamment beat me... but yeah, basically what he said.
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  4. Yeah, that's true, it would bring up more lag, anyways, that was just me giving some ideas to solve this bummer :( ill just become supporter, but what happens to the other players that cant? :s
  5. .... they press connect over and over
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  6. yeah it's a shame that there can't be a slot for everyone all the time. or maybe even some kind of connection queue. I guess at some point EMC's growth spurt will plateau and hopefully there will be enough supporters to keep it going, until then I guess it's going to be a matter of adding servers as more supporters join.
  7. It actually isnt a sollution, have you tried it? when you get the "full bla bla bla" thing, some times it give's up to connection error :S
  8. yes, i was once a regular player myself. Did for four days before i upgraded. For those 4 days i sat at my computer pressing connect for a half hour or more like ever other regular member. Its not fun. But the server was worth every agonizing minute of waiting.
  9. you could turn it into a drinking game. everytime you try to connect and fail you take a shot. then at the end, you either connect and play, or you're too drunk to care.
  10. Before I become a supporter. I did that for 30 minute trying to get on. Never give up!!! :D

    Sometimes *RAGE* quit. go play assassin creed or GTA. and unleash there
  11. or
    too play to drunk
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  12. You could mod your client so that it presses connect for you automatically until you get through. Or, if you don't know how to do that you could pay someone else a bunch of money to develop a modded client that does that for you. Or, you could use all that money you were going to pay a developer and become an EMC supporter. Oh wait, you're already planning to do that. Problem solved.

    If you really feel that bad for all the others who can't become supporters you can buy them gift supporter accounts. Or, you can petition your government to forcibly take money from your fellow countrymen to buy more servers and maybe a few T1 connections--or memberships for everyone (that's a right isn't it?).
  13. Yeah ill just keep the shot's idea: Easy and refreshing! perfect!
  14. Jokes and fun away, ill think ill mod my client to do that half hour lookup for me :) or ill go and become supporter xD
    anyways... if i get to mod my client i will upload it over here :D
  15. maybe regarding the debit card, perhaps if your bank isn't being helpful when you talk to them, you could email paypal and ask for a suggestion of a bank & card that they know works with their system from your country.
  16. that would take more time than for the time it takes to get a credit card :p
    Or i could ask my family for that :)