I am sorry. :(

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wisepsn, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Hello I am Wisepsn. Some people think I am a hateful person and never agrees with anyone in the past few days; I am not.

    Over the past days I have been talking and chatting in EMC that people might have not liked and not agreed with. I try not to be mad or argue with peoples opinions one EMC, because everyone deserves to have a voice. Over the past day, I have gotten about 3 ignores because people have not liked what I said, and I have not liked they said. I try and not get in arguments and discussions because they can start going worse and become temp bans. I try and not get mad or even sad on what other people say, and I know I shouldnt. I just hope that people accept me as a friendly friend that I try to be, and not to be a mean, cold-hearted person.

    Sorry to anyone that has ignored me because of my latest comments.:oops: I know I should not do that, and I will try and be nice and friendly. Sometimes I feel like I am carried away on what I say.

  2. Thank you for apologizing for what you did. You seem like a really nice person, and if you think a fight may get started, you can just walk away.
  3. I just hope the people that /ignore me would consider to take another chance and see a fresh, new, friendly and nice person. This is not what I act like, and I should have known better.
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  4. I am truly sorry.
  5. Aye don't worry about them. It's nice to apologize but it's ok to have your own opinion. But in all cases, chat must be kept at a mature level of response
  6. Thank you for apologizing. I have not had it happen, but it is nice you took responsibility and apologized.