I am quitting my res has all perms :S

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Kepoin, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Im done, sorry guys. First come first serve SMP9
  2. I'm soo sorry to see you leave
  3. Thanks for all the goodies, xeriul!
  4. I was at my Mob grinder and its so far away from spawn so i couldn't get some goodies :(
  5. Sorry to hear (can i have your rupees? :p) it would help greatly with mine and cod4hoogie current project we will also dedicate one our houses (not really a house but dont want to spoil it) to you
  6. Can i ask why you are leaving or is it personal?
  7. He is joing MindCrack tomorrow and BTW thanks for the picks Xeriul.
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  8. Why are you leaving? Or are u just moving?
  9. I am leaving EMC because I have finally realized that EMC isnt really even MC anymore. Althought was fun, wasnt my cup of tea. I recently started playing SP (for my lets play) and I realized the reason I fell in love with MC. EMC is a very nice server with alot to offer. I just miss the pure survival do everything you self thing. With a certain server coming out (not advertising :) ) With the pure Minecraft intention I will be dedicating my time to that. Hope you all have a happy MC life. Bye