I am now going on my second exploration!

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  1. Since I have now walked to the south outpost, it is time to go to the north one! If anyone would like to donate some supply's, I am at my home lot. I do not need a crafting table of a stove, since I already have them ready for the trip, but any food and armor and swords would be nice! If you would like to donate, post on here so when I make it, I can post a sign saying that you helped me make it to the north outpost!
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  2. could i come?

    :EDIT: i can supply some tools if i can come, what server do you want to do it on?
  3. Sorry I have already set off but if you want to try to catch up, be my guest! Its on SMP3.
  4. ok D: , i dont want to risk it if your already gone, i have go into the wild alot, ive gotten bored of going alone :/
  5. Don't worry, I will stop until you catch up, just look at the live map.
  6. nah, im just gonna get a friend and go onto a utopia exploration
  7. Ok, good luck! :)
  8. thanks, if you were gold, i would ask you when you were done :)
  9. Thanks but it wouldn't be as fun for me, since its always day. Well, I found a old shack with some goods in it. I took some stuff but not all, so if its still used. Just took a fishing pole, some cobble, and that's about all.
  10. Its now night and I have set up my little camp, time to drink my own pee. :3
  11. ew? just go fishing in a little pond you can make or something, or try to find an npc village
  12. I already found a NPC village a while back.
  13. ohhh, ok then, just make an underground house for the night (its probably over by now :/
  14. I already made a house, and its around midnight.
  15. Anyone know how to make the F keys work? I want to take a pic of my house but F2 wont work.
  16. Here is my little shack!

  17. SICK BROH!